1. The OECD Task Force on Spam has created a section on laws and regulations to combat spam as part of the Anti-Spam Toolkit Initiative. The section of Country Laws of the Anti-Spam Toolkit contains laws, regulations, summaries and English and French translations of the current anti-spam laws of the 30 member countries and China.

  2. The ITU has a section in its website entitled: “Anti-Spam Laws and Authorities Worldwide” containing information coming out directly from ITUís member consumer protection agencies and data protection authorities sorted out by: authority, contact person, relevant legislation, and news and information of more than 25 countries.

  3. Spam Laws is a website maintained by David E. Sorkin, a professor of law at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. This website contains the US Federal and State Anti-spam statutes, related cases, legislation, documents and materials of the European Union and 10 other countries, including legal information, academic publications and links to other international spam sources.