Identity Theft

Financial, Banking and Businesses Organizations

United States


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) preserves and promotes public confidence in the US financial system has a website containing a section on consumer protection with information, articles, news, case studies, consumer alerts and other links on identity theft.

Identity Theft Assistance Centre (ITAC) is part of an ongoing effort by the financial services industry to address and reduce the human and economic consequences of fraud, including identity theft. ITAC helps victims of identity theft by reducing the delay and frustration consumers often experience as they restore their financial identity.


American Bankers Association ( provides a section on its website with information on identity theft.

Citibank Identity Theft Solutions contains information, tips and a tool-kit to help customers avoid identity theft.

MasterCard Identity Theft website contains information on what to do in case of identity theft and a list of helpful anti-fraud resources.


Better Business Bureau whose principal mission is to promote trust and confidence on the Internet through its reliability and privacy seal programs has a website with information on identity theft for business and consumers as well as news and other links.

Identity Theft Working Group of the Liberty Alliance Project is a global consortium dedicated to establishing technical, business and policy standards for digital identity management and Web services has formed a cross-organizational work group focused exclusively on curbing identity theft.



Banamex one of the biggest banks in Mexico has created a section entitled: “Citigroup Security and Investigative Services” containing information and tips to secure financial information and electronic fraud. The website also has a section on identity theft to inform and prevent its clients.


AMIPCI is a private organization composed of companies and financial institutions that seek to foster the development of the Internet Industry in Mexico. The website contains a section on “digital frauds” with information and recommendation for businesses users.