Summaries of State and Federal Case Law in the United States

  1. Personal Jurisdiction on the Internet

    A compilation and abstracts of case law on Internet Jurisdiction developed by David G. Post & Dawn C. Nunziato, Cyberspace Law Institute, (Updated until October 1997)

  2. Personal Jurisdiction on the Internet- A Survey of the Cases”, Cyberspace Law Institute, (June 1998)

    This is a digest of the most relevant cases on Internet jurisdiction in the United Sates compiled by professor David G. Post (Updated until 1998)

  3. NetLitigation

    A website with a section on Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet that contains summaries of jurisdiction cases on the Internet (Updated until 1999)

  4. West's Case Updates

    Contains briefs of the latest state and federal court cases in the United Sates.

  5. Phillips Nizer, LLP

    The website of this law firm contains summaries of several important US cases relating to jurisdiction in Internet Law (Updated until April 2003)