Legal News and Online Publications

Legal News

  1. Global E-Law Highlights

    A weekly newsletter that contains highlights from Baker Mckenzie's Premium Global E-Law Alert sorted out by area of law and region. It features a wide range of news on electronic commerce, including consumer protection law worldwide.

  2. BNA's Internet Law News

    A daily free publication service of the Bureau of National Affairs compiled by professor Michael Geist, a law professor on Internet and e-commerce law at the University of Ottawa Law School. It features worldwide news on various areas of technology law, including electronic consumer protection.

  3. IAPP's News Letter

    A daily free publication of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). It provides a good summary of legal news particularly in the areas of health privacy, spam and identity theft.

  4. Bytes in Brief

    A free monthly publication on Internet law and technology developments. It provides a synopsis of related news and links to sources delivered by e-mail.

  5. aUDA Domain Name News

    It is a biweekly summary of domain news worldwide compiled by David Goldstein. It contains an archive of relevant news on domain names since 1999. aUDa also contains consumer alerts to warn domain name registrants and other misleading and deceptive conduct on the Internet.

Online Publications & Legal Newsletters

  1. BNA's Electronic Commerce & Law Report

    A publication of the Bureau of National Affairs that provides an international perspective on electronic commerce worldwide. There is a free weekly trial for this publication

  2. Declan McCullagh's Politechbot

    A website maintained by journalist Declan McCullagh's and covers a large number of topics on technology and law including consumer protection. The website consists of a general mail list that is sent to the subscribers. The website also contains old archives, articles and links to technology related publications, documents and papers.

  3. Tech Law Journal

    Covers legal, legislative, and regulatory issues affecting the computer, Internet, information, and communications industries. It also includes e-mail alerts with news, records, and analysis of legislation, litigation, and regulation on Internet and e-commerce.

  4. The Canadian IT Law Association (IT.CAN) Newsletter

    An online monthly publication compiled by Professors Michael Deturbide, Anne Mussett and Teresa Scassa of the Law and Technology Institute of Dalhousie Law School. The newsletter contains information on many areas of law and technology in Canada, including consumer protection and privacy.


    A website produced by attorneys and law professors in the US. Although the focus is particularly in copyright law, Gigalaw often features legal information on electronic consumer protection.

  6. Quicklinks.Net

    A website containing information in different languages, as well as news links on different areas of law and technology, including many area of consumer protection like spam privacy and jurisdiction.

  7. BNA's Internet & Communications Information Centre

    Publishes a number of services containing Internet Law and Communications information. The World Internet Law Library offers a comprehensive service incorporating five separate titles, third party newsfeeds and an editorial selection of material and guidance about current Internet global policy. The World Internet Law Library includes titles such as the World Telecom Law Report, World Internet Law Report, World E-commerce & IP Report, and World Data Protection Report. Alternatively, US focused information is provided under titles such as the Computer Technology Law Report, Electronic Commerce & Law Report and Privacy & Security Law Report. These titles are available by subscription or taking a free trial.