Cases and Investigation

United States

  1. FTC v. ERG Ventures, LLC, et al, Defendants. United States District Court District of Nevada; Civil Action (November 13, 2006)

  2. FTC v. Enternet Media, Inc, Conspy and Co., Inc, Lida Rohbani, Nimma Hakimi, Babak (Babak) Hakimi & Nicholas C. Albert (September 6, 2006)

  3. Federal Trade Commission v. Seismic Entertainment Productions Inc., et.al., Case No. 04-377-JD Stipulated Final Order for Permanent Injunction and Settlement of Claims for Monetary Relief (22 March, 2006) pdf

  4. Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. MAXTHEATER, INC., a Washington Corporation, and Thomas L. Delanoy, individually and as an officer of Max Theater, Inc., Defendants., United States District Court, Eastern District of Washington. Case No. 2:05-cv 00069-LRS (12 June, 2006) pdf

  5. Federal Trade Commission v. Trust Soft Inc. doing business as Swanksoft and Spykiller, and Danilo Landenford, United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas (June 23, 2005)

  6. Federal Trade Commission v. Odysseus Marketing, Inc and Walter Rines, United States District Court, District of New Hampshire (October 5, 2005)

  1. The State of Texas v. Sony BMG Music Entertainment LLC, District Court of Travis County Texas, Civil Action pdf

  2. Sotelo v. Direct Revenue LLC, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division (August 29, 2005) pdf

  3. O’Brien Beverly Ann v. James Kevin O’Brien, District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida, Fifth District (January 2005) pdf