Academic and Public Interest Consumer Groups

United States

Public Interest Groups

  1. The Center for Democracy and Technology is a non- for profit organization based in Washungton, D.C. which works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the technology law and policy areas. The website of CD&T contains documents, congress submission and information on Spyware and an online form where American consumer can file a complaint.

    Spyware Enforcement. A Report by CDT (June 2006)

    Ghost in our Machines, Background and Policy Proposals on the Spyware Problem (November 2003) pdf

  2. GetNetWise is a website developed by a coalition of private and public organizations, which seeks to promote consumer education and awareness in different areas of the Internet. The website contains information, tips, software solutions, consumer alerts, video tutorials press releases and links to authorities and consumer organizations to deal with spyware.

Academic Groups

StopBadware.org is an academic initiative lead by Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Oxford University's Internet Institute with the support of Google, Lenovo, and Sun Microsystems and consumer groups. The website contains information about downloadable applications in order to help consumers make better choices about what they download onto their computers.


Academic Groups

Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) a law clinic at the University of Ottawa and part of the Anti-Spyware Coalition has elaborated a list of frequently asked questions and a list of sources of information on spyware.


Academic Groups

The National University of Mexico (UNAM) through the General Direction of Academic Computing Services (DGSCA) created a website entitled: “Home User” (Usuario Casero) with the aim to increase security awareness among Mexican Internet users. This website contains a section on spyware with information such as definitions, symptoms, prevention and security tips, anti-spyware tools and links to helpful sites.